Tradex Group LLC is a company that places special accents on the quality of products and their customer service. The satisfaction of our customers is our priority.
* The exceptional quality of customer service, without exception.
* 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
* Always give our customers more than they expect to get.
* Customer service is not a department, it’s an attitude.
* Our customers are at the heart of our organization.


Our Mission


Tradex Group LLC & Co is an Import-Export company founded in 2010 with its head office located in Hambourg – Germany.With branches in Europe and Asia.In Europe we have Ukraine and Uk,and India in Asia.
Our experience has been acquired in a few years first by a local development then we launch into the international market. Currently, we have an important position as one of the major players in our field in the world market. We offer a variety of high-quality products at reasonable prices in addition to a very efficient order fulfillment service. In recent years, we have started to offer customization of labeling and repackaging of products.
Sliva Trading LLC & Co meets the strict standards of the international trade market. The quality of the products, the prices we offer and the delivery times are our main assets.



Tradex Group LLC & Co took a few years to gain a significant position as a key player in the global market. We offer very attractive prices and efficient order fulfillment, as well as perfect labeling and repackaging of products.


We act with uncompromising honesty, transparency, and accountability in everything we do. We listen to our stakeholders and seek to earn the admiration of those associated with Sliva Trading LLC & Co around the world. We lead the industry in safety, quality, reliability, and sustainability.


Our wide variety of products offers a great opportunity for our customers to develop their business in their local market. This is because they receive from a single supplier various products of excellent quality with a reasonable delivery time.


For a few years now, Sliva Trading LLC & Co offers the possibility of labeling customization and packaging for all products to our customers as a request. Over the past few years, our team has completed more than 300 private label projects.